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Cemu 1.8.1b [1130][witek], 2017-07-01 11:47:10

[Source: http://cemu.info/]

New in 1.8.1b:
– general: Fixed a bug causing permanent full CPU load on one thread
New in 1.8.1:
– CPU/JIT: Fixed a bug in ADDME. instruction
– CPU/Interpreter: Fixed a bug in PSQ_STX and PSQ_LDX instruction (GQR index parsed incorrectly from opcode)
– CPU/Interpreter: Fixed invalid endianness in instruction STHBRX
– coreinit: Added ‘errno’ export
– coreinit: Added API OSCalendarTimeToTicks(), OSCancelThread(), IM_GetHomeButtonParams(), OSCalendarTimeToTicks(), FSAppendFile(), FSRemove(), SAVEChangeDir()
– coreinit: Fixed GHS flock handling. Added __ghs_flock_file() and __ghs_funlock_file()
– coreinit: Added support for milliseconds and microseconds in OSTicksToCalendarTime()
– coreinit: Fixed bug where FSOpenFile() with mode ‘r+’ would not allow read access
– coreinit: Fixed a bug where shared-write file access prevented simultaneous read access from the same file
– GX2: Added API GX2GetScissorReg(), GX2GetTargetChannelMasksReg(), GX2SetDefaultState()
– GX2: Better handling for invalid/uncompilable shaders (avoid drawcalls that will lead to errors)
– GX2: Added support for vertex format 32_32_32_32_FLOAT for primitive RECTS
– GX2: MULADD shader instruction will now use correct rules in regards to 0*anything
– GX2: Fixed OpenGL error caused by games requesting more mip levels than possible for a texture
– GX2: Fixed source mip level parameter for GX2CopySurface()
– GX2: Avoid shadow samplers on AMD GPUs. This workaround can be forced on other GPUs via -amdshadows command line parameter
– SWKBD: Fixed handling of active state (previously it was tied to the keyboard being visible whereas it should be separate)
– SWKBD: Fixed input handling (should no longer clash with wxWidgets, leading to input sometimes being ignored)
– RPL: Fixed bug where imports/exports were mapped incorrectly if the internal module name included ‘.rpl’
– zlib: Overhauled Cafe OS zLib implementation
– nsysnet: Added nsysnet (socket) library


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