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EmuLoader 8.4.7 [539][glob@s], 2018-02-22 18:53:40

[Source: http://emuloader.mameworld.info]

Proper detection of "Board ROMs" on game sets that use "model2" ROMs; "SEGA Model 2" system
- you must re-create games list fix this
- this is a cosmetic fix, ROMs validation is not affected
Fixes and tweaks to Game Details screen
- missing parent setname text not showing in left panel if parent zip file is not found
- SHA-1 checksum generated for zipped EmuCon console/computer games (32 MegaBytes max file size)
- bios/device icon indexes were switched in left column
- "Bios CHD" file was tagged as "Device CHD"; cosmetic fix
"Create MAME/HBMAME/Demul Games List" updates
- improved detection of sets with CRC32 collisions, a new file created "arcadegamessystemname_crc32collision.txt"
- added a "devicename" tag for each device ROM entry for proper SHA-1 validation (MAME)
- added "feature patelle" tag detection in -listxml output to fix missing "color status" (MAME v0.194 and newer)
- optimizations and code cleanup
MAME and arcade games files validation system changes and fixes (games audit)
- device sets not scanned correctly when auditing a single game (MAME) - device ROMs are now properly validated and game sets are no longer tagged as "available" if a device ROM is missing (MAME)
- device and bios zip file list contents (CRC32/SHA-1) are now loaded into RAM only once when validating multiple games, for faster access
- CRC32 collision detection and SHA-1 validation for device/bios ROMs; game ROMs are not yet supported (MAME and Demul)
- game files are unzipped directly into a "TMemoryStream" var (RAM), so SHA-1 checksums can be generated
- several optimizations and code cleanup
Old commented code cleanup


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