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Ootake v2.82 [610][witek], 2017-08-19 12:09:56

[Source: http://www.ouma.jp/ootake/]


- With Windows8/10 when "Play Installed CD" is selected, fixed the problem
that Ootake stopped.
- When "Sorcerian" is started, the title screen is launched immediately.
(launched with [I] button pressed) If you do not need this, please uncheck
[Adjust Sorcerian BGM Repeat] of [Setting->Improve] menu.
- [Auto Skep Opening (Sorcerian)] was added to [Setting->Improve] menu. If
this menu is checked, when "Sorcerian" is started, the title screen is
launched immediately.(launched with [I] button pressed)
By default this is off. + When this menu is checked, if you reset the game
with [SELECT]+[RUN], you can see the opening demo.
- In "Sorcerian", when the party returned to the castle, fixed a problem
where BGM was disturbed.
- The operation of the PCE built-in sound (wave memory sound) has been
brought close to the real machine. In "Xevious - Fardraut Densetsu", when
PAUSE was released, the problems that sound became thin was solved.
- When "Gotzendiener" is started, it is starts with Multi-Tap removed. The
problem that the motion was unstable has been solved. (This problem will
occur in the same way on the real machine)
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.


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