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QMC2 0.195 [586][glob@s], 2018-03-03 11:00:58

[Source: http://qmc2.batcom-it.net]

- fix: sample- & software-state checks: merge the process output channels (stdio and stderr) because -verifysamples and -verifysoftlist use both channels in the meantime
- fix: corrected the restoration of the last machine list view during initialization for non-WIP builds
- fix: manual scanner: corrected the font used for logging (general log-font)
- fix: adjusted machine list set counters due to changes in -listfull since MAME 0.195 – this means that MAME 0.195+ is required now (BT #165)
- imp: improved performance when searching for machines
- imp: removed the slot-info cache and all related UI hooks as it’s no longer required for the upcoming new device configurator
- imp: updated the emulator configuration templates to MAME 0.195 (added core state / playback options ‘rewind’ and ‘rewind_capacity’, added core artwork options ‘fallback_artwork’ and ‘override_artwork’, added core miscellaneous option ‘nvram_save’)
- imp: updated category.ini to MAME 0.195
- new: emulator options: added an enforce default toggle switch to every option’s action items so the user can decide to explicitly pass the default value to the emulator (which QMC2 would usually not do)
- wip: reimplementing the device configurator for modern MAME – WIP-info: this doesn’t work properly yet and it won’t load, produce or save any useful slot- & device-setups for you at the moment, the feature isn’t WIP-ified though as it’s already too geared with rest of the UI.


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