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Visual PinMAME 3.1 [700][witek], 2018-08-01 18:32:43

[Source: http://www.vpforums.org/]

*** CORE/CPU ***

-Fix wrong gain/volume of voices/sound effects in Sound Mode 1 (i.e. builtin alternate sound file support)
-Further improve M114 sound core (Mr. Game)
-Add save credits support for Bow & Arrow
-Fix neverending sounds on LTD system 4 games, added sound support for Cowboy Eight Ball and Zephy
-Fix S.A.M. PulseSolState (needed for mech) and bug in Family Guy mini playfield lights and move the (non-modulated) LED outputs in Tron LE that occupied columns 8 and 9 so far (i.e. disabling the start button lamps) to cols 11 and 12
-Implement "fast flips" support for some S.A.M. games: Recommended table implementation is to use direct/fast flipper flips when solenoid 33 is on, but to respond to the standard flipper solenoids when 33 is off
-(acd_168h, acd_170, acd_170h, avr_200, avs_170, bbh_170, bdk_294, csi_240, fg_1200, ij4_210, im_183ve, mt_145h, mtl_170h, nba_802, potc_600, rsn_110h, shr_141, smanve_101, st_161h, tf_180, tf_180h, trn_174h, twd_160, twd_160h, twenty4_150, wof_500, wpt_140a, xmn_151h)
-Implement proper "fast flips" support for some WPC-S games: Still uses solenoid 31 (WHO Dunnit)
-Implement "fast flips" support for most WPC-95 games: Takes over solenoid 31, so is compatible with the existing VP core scribts UseSolenoids=2 implementation (Attack from Mars, Cactus Canyon, Champion Pub, Cirqus Voltaire, Congo, Fish Tales, Junk Yard, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, NBA Fastbreak, No Good Go(l)fers, Safe Cracker, Scared Stiff, Tales of the Arabian Nights)
Implement "fast flips" support for most Whitestar games: Uses solenoid 15
(apollo13, austin, Dale Jr., Elvis, godzilla, Grand Prix, harl_a30, hirolcas, id4, jplstw22, Lord of the Rings, lostspc, monopoly, NASCAR, nfl, playboys, rctycn, Ripleys Believe It or Not!, shrkysht, simpprty, Sopranos, spacejam, sprk_103, startrp2, strikext, strxt_uk, swtril43, term3, twst_405, vipr_102, xfiles)
-Implement "fast flips" support for most Capcom games: Uses solenoid 51
(abv106, bbb109, bsv103, ffv104, Kingpin, Pinball Magic)
-Fix some (unfortunately not all) AT91 JIT crashes (i.e. S.A.M. and Whitestar II)
-Fix GameOn solenoid instability when ModSol is in use
-This should remove the need for tweaks in tables that use the VPMModSol=1 flag (a multi-threading problem - the code temporarily was juggling solenoids 28-32 (as they get moved to 37+ in some cases), but VPM can be used to read the values while the calculation was still updating solenoids)
-Cleanup, unify and clarify some of the game names/variants
-Fixed Cheap Squeak sound ROM loading for 8K sized ROMs, Space Hawks and Dark Shadow original sound ROMs are working now
-Un-cloned some Bell games (different gameplay, different solenoid assignment, missing aux lamps etc.)

Thanks to Destruk, ipdb.org, inkochnito, Chad Hendrickson, John Mohr, Soren, Robotworkshop, mIKL, STR Pinball, Scott Charles, Quench, eriki, okaegi, watacaractr

-Inder: Topaz
-Mirco: Lucky Draw
-Sonic: Night Fever (uses same ROMs as Playmatic Big Town)
-Third World (uses same ROMs as Playmatic Big Town)
-Williams: Bigfoot R0.1 & R0.1b & R0.1c & R0.1d (FreeWPC based rewrite of White Water)

Kinda new:
-Baywatch 4.01 (unofficial MOD)
-Hook 5.01 (unofficial MOD)

Correct Dumps:
-Bally: Game Show LU-4 (Europe) (simple rename of gs_l4 to gs_lu4), LA-3 (simple rename of gs_l3 to gs_la3)
-Capcom: Kingpin 1.05 Beta (simple rename of kpv106 to kpb105)
-Nuova Bell: Dark Shadow
-Space Hawks
-Super Bowl
-Williams: Mousin Around! LA-4 (now uses the real L2 sound roms. As this matches the LX-1 set then, LX-1 was removed from PinMAME)

-AC/DC 1.70.0,1.70.0LE
-Baby Pac-Man (Vidiot U9 ROM Update 891-16 per Service-Bulletin dated July 11 1983)
-Batman 1.03 (French)
-Beach Bums (unofficial MOD of Hollywood Heat)
-Black Jack (Saucer points modification)
-Bow & Arrow (Prototype rev. 22)
-Earthshaker PA-4
-Embryon v92 (7-digit conversion and more)
-Frontier (Gate Fix)
-Galaxy (Planet Skillshot)
-Game Show LU-3 (Europe),LG-6 (German)
-High Speed L-4C (competition MOD)
-Jokerz! G-4 (German)
-Meteor (No Background Sound)
-Pool Sharks LA-7C (competition MOD)
-Safe Cracker 1.0,1.8 with Sound 1.1,1.8 No Percentaging with Sound 1.1,1.8 No Percentaging with German Sound 2.4
-Space Hawks (Free Play, Dips 25 & 26 must be on)
-Spider-Man 2.62 (bootleg with replaced music)
-Star Trek (Stern) 1.62,1.62LE
-Super Bowl (Free Play)
-Vector (modified rules) rev.4,rev.10

*** VPM ***
- Switch to VS2015 for the release builds (tested in the wild and seemingly faster, thanks to CarnyPriest)
- RawDmdPixels and RawDmdColoredPixels will now work correctly for Strikes

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