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WinUAE 4.1.0 Beta10 [288][witek], 2018-11-17 17:43:49

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=93851&page=5]

It looks like nothing major has not been found recently so official release will be in 1-3 weeks.

Beta 10:

- Fixed invisible sprites after statefile load (at least when not in AGA mode). (b8).
- Reading CIA interrupt register exactly when CIA interrupt is going to activate may have caused stuck PORTS interrupt until CIAxICR was read again, which would also return unexpectedly no interrupts active in this situation.
- 68020+ more compatible state files didnt restore CPU mid-instruction properly, caused restore Amiga side crash if state was created during mid-instruction that has side-effects (like -(an) or (an)+ addressing mode) (introduced in 4.0 betas)
- 64-bit version didnt support rar unpacking without archiveaccess.dll, probably because 64-bit unrar.dll didnt exist when it was implemented.
- Window corners are now drag n drop hot spots for different floppy drives. (top/left=0, top/right=1, bottom/left=2, bottom/right=3).
- 68030 MMU MOVEM , access fault retry was unreliable in some situations.


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