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Altirra 3.20 Test16 [271][witek], 2019-03-10 18:32:12

[Source: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281825-altirra-310-released/page-17]

-Inverted Option flag for internal BASIC is forced off when 32-in-1 is active.
-AltirraOS 3.15: Adjusted ICBALZ/ICBAHZ to improve compatibility with Lightspeed DOS.
-Fixed the Customize button being enabled too often in the keyboard customization page (when custom layout isnt enabled).
-Fixed an issue with Shift key down not being reflected in SKSTAT while another key was already being held. (Thanks to MaPa)
-The Recommendations page now has a note if the keyboard is set to cooked mode.
-Fixed crash in Disk Explorer when write flush fails due to another program locking the disk image file, like a virus scanner.
-Disk Explorer now forces read-only mode when the disk image file being mounted is marked read-only.