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Altirra 3.20 Test18 [359][witek], 2019-03-22 16:18:05

[Source: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281825-altirra-310-released/page-20]

-Compiler bumped to VS2017 15.9.9.
-Fixed an issue with some sub-dialogs in the UI closing when Escape was pressed.
-Lowered the load address of the type D SAP player from $0800 to $0400 so that some digisound demos work.
-AltirraOS updated to 3.16:
*Minor optimizations to text I/O (thanks to the crazy discussions on this
in the programming manual thread!).
*Help key and HELPFG are now implemented in the keyboard handler.
*816: The default emulation-mode COP instruction handler no longer


-AltirraOS 3.17: Fixed regression in 3.16 that caused some fine scrolling code to execute in screen open when it shouldnt.
-ATBasic 1.56: Fix for crash that occurred when hitting Break prior to startup banner.
-Fixed Input State and Console controller types not activating in input maps in 5200 mode.
-Added copy/paste escaping support: special keys like Invert and arrow keys can now be pasted with escape syntax in braces, i.e. {invert} and {left}. -There is now also a copy escaped command that will use these escapes to produce keystrokes that can re-type those characters. ^ and + prefixes mean control and shift, i.e. {^tab} and {+tab}.
-The paddle knob (linear) input on paddles can now be driven digitally to use it as a switch input.