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Hatari 2.2.0 [347][witek], 2019-01-31 18:52:06

[Source: http://hatari.tuxfamily.org/]

Major highlights of this new version :

-Many improvements/fixes to 68030 CPU regarding MMU, caches, bus error handling
-Improve softfloat FPU emulation
-Improve blitter bus sharing in some rare cases
-Handle VBlank signal and mask the 2 last lines when bottom border is removed
-Fix DSP ROM tables (sin, mulaw & a-law)
-For DSP, Some waitstate cycles were not correctly counted when accessing DSP IO regs in CE mode
-Experimental support for the NCR5380 SCSI chip in Falcon and TT mode
-Very experimental support for the SCC chip of the Mega-STE, TT and Falcon
-Experimental support for TOS 2.07 (the "Sparrow" TOS)
-Correctly emulate bus error handling for STE lightpen registers
"patch TOS timer-D" speedup option is now disabled by default (to improve default compatibility)
-Allow up to 512MB of TT-RAM (increased from 256 MB) and save/restore TT RAM content into memory snapshots
-Improve memory snapshot save/restore reliability
-Display more infos in the status bar (FPU, cycle exact mode)
-IDE byte-swap option added to config file & GUI
-AVI recording with PNG codec could be wrongly limited to 4GB with some OSes
-Many changes to the debugger
-Hatari Python UI migrated from PyGtk v2 to Gtk v3

See release-notes.txt for the full changelog.